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Faye Walker

Midwest District Manager

Chicago Office

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PICK Programmer, Systems Analyst & Consultant since 1991

Well done is better than well said.  -- Benjamin Franklin


Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy
  Loyola University, Chicago, IL


Midwest District Manager
  MultiValue Consulting and Technical Support, Inc.

 1999 to Present

President & CEO


Walker Consulting Services, Inc.

South Holland, IL

Faye provides software development and support for Rocket Software aka (IBM) U2 (UniVerse, UniData) systems and Visual Basic integration.  She is proficient in Data Basic, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, and SQL programming languages.


 1999 to Present

Contract Programmer / Analyst


Sentinel Technologies, Inc.
  Downers Grove, IL

Faye is responsible for the development and daily management of operation modules which include Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Dispatch, and Accounting.  She also develops and supports NT Universe SQL applications for real-time interface with PC based applications.  Faye designed and developed a WSDL application to perform real-time data transmissions between local and offsite SQL databases.  She developed an application to update SQL tables via batch processing using stored procedures.  Faye designed and developed a Complete Supply Chain Management application which uses Universe as the database and VB6 then as the front end; modules include data entry, sales quotes, approvals, scheduling, purchasing, receiving, shipping, billing, sales commissions, and receivables.  Faye also developed Web applications using HTML, .asp, and UniObjects; all applications function using real-time data I/O with Universe.  She designed a complex escalation application which monitors and reports Call Center support tickets.  Faye also designed and developed an automated reporting process using VB6 then and the Call HTTP protocols.  She developed a text messaging routine to replace an alpha paging routine in order to communicate more cost-effectively with field technicians.  Faye also developed a GL Integrated Sales Commission application which originates from a Universe database and is transferred to the PC based accounting software via SQL updates.  She also managed the complete conversion of a Universe Accounts Receivable module to Platinum Accounting Software.  Faye then designed and developed programs for ongoing interaction between Platinum Accounting Software and a Universe system, including posting invoices, loading payments, and creating sequential flat files for external distribution.  She also oversees general project maintenance and support.


2012 to Present

Contract Programmer / Web Developer
  The Boot Camp Guy
  Chicago, IL

Faye created a Scheduling application for a web site.  She also created a Text Notification application to send information to members.



Contract Programmer / Analyst
  Maund, Richards & Associates
  Posen, IL

Faye provided support for Advanced PICK applications including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Job Costing, and Sales.


1994 to 1999

Senior Programmer / Analyst
  ArcVentures, LLC HRM
  Chicago, IL

Faye was responsible for the design, development, testing, and maintenance of business applications using Data Basic, Unix, and Visual Basic.  She provided Level III user support and custom programming in conjunction with the Client Services department.  Faye designed and developed the leading Medicaid Recipient Eligibility Verification (REV) System in Illinois using Unix, Data Basic, and Visual Basic.  She also designed and developed a complete Claims Tracking application including referral imports, electronic billing, automatic and manual transaction posting, General Ledger, client statements, and client letters.  Faye developed an internal/external AlphaNumeric Paging System triggered by software applications to inform computer operators of system problems.  She also developed a customized collection survey application within the Columbia Ultimate Business System (CUBS) for internal collection agency.  And she worked directly with IDPA MIS department heads to fine tune joint software ventures.


1993 to 1994

Programmer / Analyst
  Ridge Systems
  Elmhurst, IL

Faye was responsible for custom programming and technical support for external clients.  She converted a Dispatch database from 9370 Ultimate programs to Advanced Revelation (AREV) running on a Novell network.  Faye also converted all data files, indexes, PROCS, and dictionaries into AREV and identified then corrected O/S and language differences between PICK Data Basic and RBasic.  She developed Accounting and Freight applications in AREV including faxing and paging.  She also created system and user documentation.


1991 to 1993

Programmer / Analyst
  Intercargo Insurance Company
  Schaumburg, IL

Faye was responsible for custom programming and application maintenance.  She developed procedure applications as requested by internal users and provided user support and system documentation.



Comprehensive, Integrated Software for various PICK Systems including U2 (UniVerse, UniData), Advanced Revelation, OpenInsight, Prime;  Microsoft™ Office:  Word, Excel;
  Client Software Modules Developed & Supported:

  • .NET
  • Database Migration
  • OpenInsight

  • Accounting
  • Dispatch to Pagers, Cell Phones
  • Payroll / Timeclock

  • Accounts Payable
  • Distribution / Sales Orders
  • Point of Sale / Service

  • Accounts Receivable
  • DOS
  • Printer Interfacing - PCL

  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • EDI Processing
  • Proforma Reports

  • Advanced Revelation (AREV)
  • ERP
  • Project Management

  • ETL Data for Export or Import
  • Quality Assurance

  • ASP3
  • Finance
  • Recurring Payment Processing

  • Automated Clearing House
  • Forms Generators
  • Report Generators

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Sales Analysis

  • Barcode Processing / Scanning
  • Health Care
  • Screen Generator

  • Browser Based Applications
  • HTML
  • Software Conversions

  • Business Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Software Templates

  • Business Works Accounting
  • Interior Design
  • SQL

  • Collections
  • Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain

  • Credit Card Processing
  • JAVA Scripting
  • Systems Administration

  • Cross Reference Indexing
  • Job Costing
  • Time Billing

  • CRM
  • Loans / Contracts Management
  • UNIX Scripting

  • CRP
  • Maintenance Utilities
  • Visual Basic

  • Data Mining / Extraction
  • Manufacturing
  • Visual

  • Data Security / Backup
  • Marketing
  • Web Development

  • Database Administration
  • Medical/Dental Office Mgmt
  • XML & CXML

  • Database Conversions
  • Menu Generators

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