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Travel Policy

To contain Client costs, our Consultants normally work by secure remote access from District Offices.  And they do not drive corporate vehicles or carry corporate credit cards.  When a Client requests Travel (to perform brief Onsite Services such as "meet & greet" or a system survey), the Client will need to complete and submit a Travel Request form detailing the visit.

The MvCaTs Consultant who agrees to Travel will be responsible to make ALL Travel arrangements.  This frees the Client from all scheduling headaches as well as dealing with multiple invoices.  Itemized travel expenses will be listed in Timecard transcripts and made available to the Client.  But the Client receives just one bill - ours.

MvCaTs bills at a 33% premium above our Remote rate for Travel and Onsite services and collects a 100% Retainer for the estimated charges of ALL travel-related expenses, including Transportation to and from the Client site, meals, lodging, insurance, commuting, working onsite, etc.  Our Onsite Rate also compensates the inconvenience connected with leaving the duties at the District Office and the comforts of home, family, friends, religious and community ties and responsibilities to endure the tedium and risks of travel, live out of a suitcase, eat restaurant food, and work odd hours in an unfamiliar environment.

Just as an employee expects to be compensated for at least one-third of a 24-hour work day, an MvCaTs Consultant who agrees to Travel has a reasonable expectation of the same.  Minimum Compensation for Onsite services requested by the Client will be calculated as one-third of the total number of hours elapsed from the time our Consultant leaves their MvCaTs District Office until s/he returns and documents the final day’s services in the final Timecard.  If the actual hours worked (excluding travel) fall short of this minimum, the minimum compensation hours will be billed.  So be sure to give us enough work Onsite to make the trip worthwhile for us both.

Since our Consultant cannot service other Clients while traveling on your behalf, Time Billing will include a Travel charge for Round-Trip Commuting as well as any Onsite Commuting between the Client site and the Consultant's lodging.  A minimum charge of one hour Onsite Commute for each night our Consultant spends onsite will be billed to compensate the Consultant for lodging, meals, snacks, auto rental, etc.  We bill Commuting charges at our full Onsite Rate without discounts, to cover all travel-related expenses and to be compensated for time reallocated to Travel.  This expense should be considered mitigated by the fact that for most of the year, the Client saves a great deal of money by allowing us to support their system and software by secure remote access.

New Clients receive a 10% Discount off the Onsite Labor Rate for the month of signing and the month following.  All other Clients qualify for our automatic Volume Discount beginning with 1% for 5 hours worked to a maximum of 8% for 40+ hours per month.

MvCaTs Consultants travel with a laptop computer.  When feasible while Commuting, they will be working on their presentation, researching topics scheduled for discussion, reviewing pertinent software, preparing documentation, and even producing custom software and/or modifications.  Our Consultants are adept at multi-tasking.

(Once a Travel-related expense has been incurred, it is not subject to our Money-Back Guarantee.)

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